Sunday, March 17, 2013

Would I balance on a fence?

I guess if I was a pheasant...I would just sit for hours balanced on top of a fence.

Yes, I saw Phyliss the pheasant just sitting on the fence yesterday. Once in a while I would check on her and sometimes she teetered a little but she was determined to sit on that fence. That yard you can see with the deck has a big black dog in it. I think the dog was away because he is kind of loud and can jump up and if he had been there, I am sure he would have teetered Phyliss onto the ground. At least she was aimed for "teetering" into my yard or the white shed yard. Phew.

Watch out, Phyliss! Don't teeter into the black dog yard!

(You would think that wouldn't be comfortable for Phyliss to balance on that fence. Oh well- I don't know how pheasants think.)

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