Sunday, February 22, 2015

LDS Girls Camp Kit 2015

Girls Camp Kit for LDS Girls' Camp 2015 Theme.
Available on my Easy shop. All these pieces and more. Also included Secret Sister tags, tags to keep track of everyone's items, 17 different certificates to hand out at the end of camp...ex. best cabin decor, best campfire maker, best cleaner, best cook assistant, best listener, craziest camp outfit...and many more. And there is a blank template for you to add what you want too. There is also a food menu paper to fill out for each day. A job chart that you can laminate. And an activity called positive pockets. You glue the pockets together by the flaps and then secretly slip a piece of paper inside that says why that person has a positive attitude. A fun activity. This is a complete camp kit. 

The logo is also available to buy separately. To be used for camp or throughout the year if you don't want all the other pieces.

Hope you like it.

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