Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One of those days...

So I am rushing around to get to work early...I grabbed yogurt and a banana and a few things for lunch, got ready for work, scanned and sent some images that I worked on last night for work, walked out the door, drove to work (half hour commute)... and then realized when I got to work that I left my breakfast and lunch on my kitchen counter. How convenient! Sigh. 
Oh well. I hope that it is not an indication of how my day is going to go. I have a lot to do for work. And a lot to get done after work today.
Just a sketch of a girl that looks like she is concerned...or possibly forgot her breakfast and her lunch for work.

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Jan said...

Oh Lori, I leave my lunch on the counter all the time! You'd think I would learn. I love the sketch you posted today. See you in a week...I'm ready to be back!