Saturday, November 14, 2009

Still not completely on the "once a day illustration" post it is a little more sporadic at the moment... but here is another illustration...This is my sister Tracey. Dancing around as a young child.
BTW, today was a good day. A cleansing day. Jason's kids and former wife are moving into my mom's house this month. So we literally had to attack Jason's room and clean it all out. Along with the other spare bedroom and the family room. So that Stef can move stuff in. It's been a hard process having to say goodbye to Jason's earthly possessions. But we also know that he is healthy now and safe from the disease that ravaged his body and his life. We will FOREVER miss him and will forever miss his hugs and nutty sense of humor. But we also know that he is always around us. And that he will always watch over us and protect us. Love you, Jase. Miss you so much at some moments.
It was a long and hard day. But a good day. Now to rest a little since I am not totally healed inside from this sickness.

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Laura said...

Oh, that can be a hard process, but it is good. I hope you shared lots of happy memories as you worked.