Friday, November 2, 2012

A Bluebird from Mom

So I was at my sister's house on the 26th-a year to the day since my Mom passed away. In the morning. We were waiting for another sister to come so that we could help her with a project. Pumpkin carving actually. For her work contest.

So as we waited, my sister just suddenly looked out the back window and saw quite a large-sized bluebird sitting on her fence looking our direction. Silly me forgot to take a photo so here is a photo from the internet.

But we like to think that Mom sent it just for her to let us know that she is thinking of us. It stayed long enough that I could look at it for a minute or so too.

The crazy thing is that we have never seen a bluebird here (or at least haven't noticed one.) so we like to think that Mom sent it. We used to see bluebirds in our backyard in North Van and I remember that Mom would show us that they were out in the trees. I remember we were always excited to see them.

Kind of interesting too that just after my brother Jason passed away that I saw a large robin outside my townhouse and once in a while it would seem to look at me. It kept showing up each day for a while. I started calling it Jason---though I question it was the same robin each day. So when I see robins, I think of Jase. Not that Mom or Jase are birds. 

Just a sweet thing to think that mom had something to do with this bluebird coming to visit. I like to think she did. Just to remind us that she is aware of us and loves us so much.

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