Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just doing good.

Just had a good evening. Went to the track for my 5 miles and then stopped at Cafe Rio to get my favorite salad...veggie salad with black beans and creamy dressing. Came home, ate my favorite salad, and picked some peaches from my tree to take around to the neighbors and now I am at my computer checking on email etc.

Tomorrow is my night at Mt. Timpanogos. My 6 trainees are doing great. I feel like the mother hen with them even though they are all older than me. They are very sweet. They are like my little baby chicks. They are working hard and I am proud of them.

(One little sad thing is that I dropped my iphone yesterday on the cement. Just a couple of little knicks on the side of it. Hey, it is personalized now!) I need to keep it in its I always do except then obviously!)


Julie Baldwin said...

You have an iphone??? Devin would be so jealous. I have the i pod touch. I call it my brain because I am that dependent on it. Someday I'll progress to the phone, but for now the touch one of the best things that I have ever bought.
I hope you have a good time at the temple tonight. Hopefully I'll make it there. This week has been completely insane!

Lori said...

YES- i love my iphone! it is sooooo fun! i also have an ipod and a shuffle. but i have sadly neglected the ipod and shuffle because i have enough music and dvds on my iphone to entertain me...for now.

Lori said...

Hope to see you at the temple tonight. It is always nice to see you. Makes me think that you haven't left our shift.

Erin said...

You are such a great trainer!

I'm going to miss the Temple! Hopefully soon we will have some exciting news to share! :)

Lori said...

Not sure about the great trainer part when I hear back from people on our shift about things the trainees might not be doing correctly...but all I can do is my best.

Thanks though.