Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seriously....I was walking fast!!!

In fact I am trying to get my form down on how a speed racer walks in the Olympics. One foot right in front of the other...kind of difficult but it works your whole body better. Takes concentration though and if I ever get it down, it will be good...

So to explain, this morning I was at the track...I love going in the morning but because I love so much to get out of work by 4pm each day, I have to sadly wait to go to the track at 4:45 every night...which is fine...but anyway, back to the I was at the track at 7am...doing my daily 5 miles. (I really should quit being lazy and build up to running again...sorry, I once again went off on a tangent of sorts.) Anyway...I am at the track, and as usual I keep passing people as I want to keep my heart rate up and get a good workout. So I am doing this when all of a sudden I hear this guy and girl behind me and it seems without any effort...they have the nerve to PASS ME! And continue to get further ahead. Frustration, can we say! Hey, they weren't even doing the correct form of Olympic Speedwalking! Anyway after about half a lap I gave up (the track I go to it is half a mile per lap.) and kept up my pace but after a while I realized I was getting sloppy in my form and gave up trying to stay on their heels. 

Oh well. It gave me time to think too...and it was a good analogy for life...You need to go at your own pace in life. There will always be people better than you and people not "as better" as you. (You like that wording?) But the lesson is that you just need to do your best in all things. And that is truly good enough.

My only solace is that guy and girl will not have their form down for the 2012 Summer Olympics when speed walking comes around again...haha. As if I will be.  But really, I was walking fast!!!!


Christine said...

How funny, I love this story!

Heather said...

I love this post! You're awesome to be such a walker/runner. :-)