Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Speedboat in the Blue

Okay, this might be a little hard to see...there is a white line in the sky made by a plane. Whenever I see those lines in the sky, it reminds me of a speedboat in the blue air instead of a speedboat in the blue water.  So there you go- an off-the-wall thought by me. This particular speedboat (air boat?) in the "blue" is upside down...though in China it might be right side up depending on what side of the earth you are on at the moment. Ha ha.


Marilyn said...

You are funny, in a good way. I personally think that the only planes that would fly up-side-down are the ones in Australia.

Lori said...

I meant that they fly upside down because if they were a boat in the water...then they are upside down in the sky. ; )

yes, i am just being me.

Jared and Ché said...

We noticed these the other day. It was a very blue sky!