Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Thursday!

I got over my crabby mood yesterday. (But it is a CONSTANT challenge with the situation.) Like I said, I am SO not perfect. And all I am adding is that compliments about one's self have a little more validity coming from someone else's mouth than one's own mouth. There.

Last night we had a fun time at mutual. We had 4 activities planned. The first was a relay race and for the teams to advance, the YW had to recite the scout oath and the YM had to recite the YW theme. They did pretty well. I know I don't know the oath.
The 2nd activity was about communication. We set up a group of blocks into a structure. One person from each team came and studied it. Then each of them explained it to another person on their teams. And so forth to another person on each team. Finally, the kids that did not have it explained attempted to build it while the 3 previous kids tried to explain it to them. The moral was that when you pray to heavenly father, it needs to be a direct line of communication and that you can't have all this confusion around you. I also thought that tied in with testimonies. You can't ultimately rely on others for your testimony. You eventually need your own.
The third activity was gospel dodgeball. The kids were in 2 teams. When they got hit by a ball, they went to a leader that asked them a gospel question. They got back into the game if they answered it correctly.
The fourth activity was decorating cakes. (And refreshments.) Back to three teams, I asked each group to illustrate something gospel-related on the cake created in frosting. It was a fun activity. We got Moroni. We got the tree in Lehi's dream and the liahona. And we got the Book of Mormon.
And then they ate the cakes.

A birthday card for one of our YW...
Happy Thursday!!!

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missy said...

What a fun activity idea. I'm bookmarking this one. And I need to go back and find that airplane one you did, too... You are a wealth of good ideas!! :)