Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Thursday!

So it is COLD outside...brrrr. (Just a side comment before I blog about what I really wanted to blog about...)
I was working on some sketches for my friend Jennifer last night. And I got to thinking that I am running out of previously drawn images to post on my blog each day. Yes, I know, having a cold for a month kind of slowed me down...but I am better now! Anyway, drawing Jennifer's kids last night reminded me of a sketch I did for my friends Christine and Mark for one of their daughter's baptisms. And I happened to have it on this here is Ashley. Drawing in pencil makes me happy. Happy Thursday! 


Christine said...

You captured her beautiful face just perfect!

Jan said...

Such a cute picture Lori. You are so talented!

Jessica said...

That is so great! I just wanted to tell you I love how you try to post a picture everyday.Thanks!!