Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Countin' Down & Rabbit, Rabbit Day!

So, it is December 1st today. Wow- can't believe it! It is also the day you say "rabbit, rabbit" first thing for good luck. Did you remember?

Anyway, at work we decided to do an advent calendar countdown...Every day we will receive a new little treasure. Today we got a little orange. Fun! I have to help with day 19. Think-Think- Think.
Aren't these cute little hanging boxes? It is the Candy Countdown Calendar Kit. Check it out at our products/ 2010-2011 catalogs/ holiday mini catalog 2010/ page 34.

And they used images that I helped to create. So that is fun too.

Happy Wednesday and "rabbit, rabbit" day!


Anonymous said...

Cute little boxes! I didn't start my day with rabbit, rabbit. I hope that doesn't mean I've missed all my good luck for the upcoming year....

Lori said...

it is just a month of luck cuz you say it the first day of each month.