Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy first day of winter!

Lots of wet heavy snow for our first day of Winter in 2010! Thanks to Hawaii and all surrounding tropical areas of the world...we got a doozy of a tropical storm this morning.
Amazing how the snow clings to those tiny branches on my peach tree. Those little flakes are all sticking together. Unity in the snowflake community at its best!
The snow keeps falling. So happy I am home today. I love the snow. Just not a fan of driving to work in it. Snow on my fence. Just a pretty day.
Happy first day of Winter! For those going to work...drive carefully. For those staying home, look out the window and smile. And maybe go build a snowman...


Laura said...

Happy first day of winter to you too! Wow! I wonder if any of that will make it across the Plains to us?

Unknown said...

crazy snow!