Sunday, July 13, 2008

If only life turned out the way movies/books do!

I just watched the movie Persuasion this morning. Love it!!!! Such a sweet story of hope and not giving up.  And I watched Sense and Sensibility a few days ago. Such a great movie! A wonderful 2 pack movie set I picked up from Costco a while back! Truly worth the money! sigh. Yes I am a hopeless romantic. And I cannot deny it.


Erin said...

Me tooooooo!! I love a good love story! I need to go and pick up this set from Costco. It's pretty much my favorite store.

We have been out of town a ton. We miss working at the Temple.

T Willian said...

Lori, If you really love a good love story I hope you have read Twilight from Stephanie Meyer. I'm sure the series has been around there since it was a hit in Provo/UT etc. long before it made the rounds here in TX where both my kids read all three books before I was able to read the first one. I loved it mostly for the love story, read the first book in a week and later re-read it. Looking forward to the 4th book in a few weeks!