Monday, July 28, 2008

Such a fun weekend!

So I got my iphone! Yes, it is not a personalized photo of it...rather I nabbed it from the internet. But this is what it looks like. The cutest thing is that on Sunday at my mom's, I was showing her some of the stuff I loaded on the phone saber (I am truly debating if I will even show my 6 year old nephew Ben [notice his intensity as he holds the light saber in the picture] who is totally into Star Wars...because the way you use it is you wave the iphone around and it makes the sounds of a light saber and I can see my phone accidentally flying across the room if he gets too excited.) and she asked if it really was a phone cuz of all the gadgets on it. I proved to her that it was and called her right away on it. Anyway it is VERY fun! I have 4 movies on it and a bunch of songs now too and it just has a lot of gadgets to play with. It will keep me entertained for sure. It is fun to send email and texts from it too. I am getting used to the keyboard. Just a fun thing. Like I said, my one splurge of the year!


Christine said...

You are the envy of many, including John J. What are you going to do with your iPod now?

Lori said...

I think i would still keep my ipod since it can hold 30 gig and my iphone can only hold 8 gig. so my ipod is good to go on trips with...not that i go anywhere! yes- my iphone is quite fun. i need to show you sometime.

Erin said...

So cool! I have to CHEAPEST cell phone made... I can receive calls and make calls... fancy huh? smile

Enjoy it, that's awesome!

Heather said...

Hi Lori! I was commenting on Holly's blog and noticed your name and had to say, "hi!" You are so stinkin' talented! I love your artwork and you are awesome! Congrats on the iPhone . . . so cool!

~Heather (from work :-))