Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday is a special day...

Man, I need to get a lot of drawing done today! I keep slacking on a freelance project that will actually pay me money! The problem is that they haven't given me a deadline so I put it off more than I should. But hey, I need the money so I need to get moving on it. My goal is to draw two of the pictures today. I have about 10 total. I can do it!

Pretty day. I like to go to the track on Saturday mornings early when it isn't hot out yet. So I am off to do that...and then the Saturday morning grocery shopping...and then home to draw and mow the lawn etc.

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Mark Peterson said...

All than money couldn't be for a new iPhone could it? ;-) John J. will be so jealous. I think you are getting into this blogging thing. Thought you would. Have a great weekend