Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just thinking about stuff

I saw a friend this morning, who works at Costco at the gas station. We were just talking about stuff and he was bringing up how some people (glad it is the minority) are just unneighborly (a nice way of saying it) and unsafe- and sometimes refuse to turn off their cars when filling up with gas. Not only is it unsafe to them and to anyone else filling up, but there are huge signs posted asking us to PLEASE turn off our engines. 

As I drove away, I was thinking, how often do I ignore signs? Hopefully not much. But it made me think about how it is sad that people can be so unkind to others, thoughtless really. And it made me think about how I can sometimes be in a grumpy mood and am not the nicest to others around me. Or maybe someone has not treated me the best—but you know what? I should not let that affect me. I really need to try harder to be kind to others. And to quit being a crab about things. Maybe smile a little more. Maybe be more thoughtful.

If I think about it, I have SO much to be grateful for. So many blessings. So what if it is a pain to "turn the car off when filling up with gas". Hey, I just think I can do my part and maybe like President Hinckley told us , totally paraphrasing here, maybe we can be a little kinder each day.
Or considerate of others. Who cares if so-and-so is crabby...I need to try to not let that affect me. (And not saying I don't care..but you know what I mean.)

Anyway, that is my thought and hopefully a goal I can work on. And try to do what the signs ask of me. 

Hey, and just a thought, if the speed limit sign says a number, then why do we go faster? Doesn't limit mean don't go any faster? I am actually trying to drive slower on the freeway. If anything these days, to conserve gas...I tried it yesterday and I got home at the exact same time and it was hard to slow down...but I did. I heard 55 is a good speed and makes the most difference but I hovered in between 60 and 65. Yes I took the slow lane. So if you see a silver honda cr-v putting along on the freeway, it is me, trying to slow down and save some money. I am trying...

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Mark Peterson said...

I know they say it saves gas, but I just cand bring myslef to drive 55. I can bearly keep myslef at 65 or 70. Good for you!