Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just thinking

...about my week...CRAZY-BUSY...but fun... A bbq tonight with some friends. Wednesday I think is non-planned. A day off on Thursday to get together with sibs and families for the day and then rushing home to go to the ABBA concert that night. Friday I have the day off (doing the 9/9 schedule at work so I get every other Friday off to save on gas in a small way) and I will be working on a freelance project most of the day, going to the track of course, and not much else. Saturday will be running up to the Salt Lake Temple in the morning where my sister and her husband will be sealed to their 3 adorable and amazing children. And then that night I will go to the Motab/Osmond concert. Busy...but fun!

I ordered an iphone...my one splurge of the year. I just checked online and they haven't even begun to ship it. I think I have a long wait in store.

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Christine said...

Sounds like a fun week ahead. I'm sure you are really excited about the Temple with your sister's family!

Mark wants to know what provider your blackberry was with. If it was T-Mobile he may want to buy it from you.