Friday, July 25, 2008

So the ABBA concert was great fun!

We got into the pre-show dinner cuz my friend Sherry knows the person in charge. Yummy free dinner and we got to meet the group. We got our picture taken with them (don't have the picture yet) and right after I said to them, "My father is from Finland." And the blonde singer girl said, "Oh, that is why you have such blonde hair." That was funny. I guess anyone who has blonde hair apparently has Finnish or Swedish backgrounds. So just remember that.

So we sat with about 15 people that I know at the concert. Believe me I know since I was carrying 6 of the chairs to the area we saved and was trying to run down the grass hill with them. It was great fun at the concert. We sang out loud and danced around a bit. Dancing Queen was the last song of the evening. Of course everyone loved that.

So now I need to run to the AT&T store to pick up my iphone. It is in. Be excited!


Erin said...

I-AM-SO-JEALOUS!! What a fun concert! And you got to meet them? Lucky! ABBA is one of those groups that will NEVER go out. Their songs are so fun!

I've got lots of Swedish blood in me- how come I didn't get beautiful blonde hair??

Lori said...

Yes it was fun to meet them. We all had a great time rocking to the music!!!! Kind of fun to be blonde. Not that it gets me anywhere in life where they say "blondes have more fun" but I like being a blonde.