Monday, August 25, 2008

The Busy-ness continued this weekend

So I reported on my busy Friday...well, the busy stuff continued throughout the whole weekend... 

So Saturday came, clear and sunny, and I was off again...
8:30-went to BYU to pick up the family friend (yes, I got to at least rest a little Friday night since the friend didn't need to be picked up till Saturday morning. I was grateful.)
9:15 or so-stop at McDonalds for the friend's breakfast then dropped off my mom and her friend at my mom's house.
10am to 12noon- a break and I stopped quickly at Costco for some things and then went home and worked on a mailing card for the products.
12noon to 5:15pm-running my mom and her friend to the postoffice, store, and then visiting a family friend in Alpine who had surgery on her ankle.
6pm-dropped mom and her friend off at mom's house.
6:15-ran home and got jeans on and a long sleeved shirt and blanket and a bottle of water.
6:25-ran out the door to the outdoor scera shell for "Dancing Under The Stars". That was fun to see. Lots of dance groups and some Utah talent that performed on Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. That ended at 10:30.
10:45-got home and quickly got to bed. Can't remember my head hitting the pillow.

5:30am-up again to get ready and eat breakfast
6:30am-ran out the door for temple training that went till 9:45am. (for trainers and coordinators)
10am-walked in the door, drew a couple of little bday cards for my sister Karen and her husband whose bdays are in the next few days.
-tried to rest a little since I had a bit of a headache. (tired I think)
11am-hometeachers. They stayed about 45  minutes.
-tried to get a little catnap in but it didn't happen.
1pm-church. only stayed for Sacrament meeting cuz we had a family get-together in slc at 4pm.
2:30-tried to grab a quick nap...maybe 10 minutes tops. Just so tired!
3pm- headed out the door to get my mom and her friend and a brother.
4pm-mom's friend hadn't packed yet so we waited about a half hour at my mom's. stopped in AF to have my sister Tracey and her boys follow us.
4:20- traffic at standstill on the freeway. oh great!  finally it started moving about 4:35 or so. A trailer came off of a truck.
5pm- got to my other sister's house where we were all Cottonwood Heights.
-ate dinner and visited. I had a slight headache. a couple of nieces and nephews were playing with my iphone.
8:20-got home and next thing I knew I was hitting the pillow again and now it is Monday morning! What happened?

I think I would enjoy a less event-packed weekend. It is a little quiet here at work...maybe I can close my eyes for a bit...


Christine said...

Just your luck, traffic on the freeway on a Sunday. That never happens in Utah! You are a great friend to drive everyone around so much.

Lori said...

Thanks for saying that. Needless to say, I need to go fill up on gas again. But I was glad to help our family friend out. She only comes once a year. She gave me the book Mary, Martha, and Me. I am excited to read it...but maybe I need to read the last Twilight book first! I have been so busy watching the Olympics and drawing that I have not had a moment. And being the taxi shuttle two weekends in a row.

Erin said...

Oh NO!! I signed up to go to the Sunday training at 7am and TOTALLY forgot about it! Oops! Are they going to fire me? Oh boy!

Lori said...

Erin, you are very funny! You won't be fired. Just come this next month.