Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

So I remembered to say rabbit, rabbit this morning. Yay! The hope of good luck for a month's worth cannot hurt.

I think I actually slept in a normal sleep pattern last night. Wow! All during the Vancouver Olympics, and trying to catch as much of it as I could, I kept waking up at odd hours through the night. It was crazy! But it was a once in a lifetime event having the Olympics in Vancouver. So it was worth it.

13 (or is it 14?) golds for the Canadians! The most in a Winter Olympics. And 37 medals for the US! The most ever for a country in the Olympics. Pretty cool! Fun times. Now back to reality.

So, happy Monday!

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nASHTONville said...

I love the bunny! It so makes my heart tingle and feel a hint of spring coming our way! So cute!