Monday, March 8, 2010 fast the weekends go!

This little jumping guy is trying to have a good attitude that it is Monday... and that there was no sleeping in. So I might as well be happy that it is Monday. The start of the week and the start of many possibilities! (And no, he did not explode from eating cheetos...or something orangey...or maybe he did.)


Jan said...

Happy Monday Lori!

I have enjoyed your last few posts, even though I haven't had time to comment. I especially liked the one about Jason and the one about taking the Lord's name in vain.

Thanks for being a good example! See you Thursday.

nASHTONville said...

This is so appropriate since I went to see the movie "Alice In Wonderland" this weekend...reminds me of some of the interesting characters. Cute! My word verification for this comment post could be this little creature's name "Serniere"...have a great week!