Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am so silly sometimes...

Who else would draw a little girl giving a ride to her bear on her rear end, I ask you? Hehe.
Nothing much to report today I guess. I did my 5 miles last night after work. Feels so good to be outside! Ah, the fresh air and the Spring sun on my back is priceless! I am not a fan of it staying darker longer in the morning...but I love the lighter-longer thing in the evening...for sure.

Anyway, maybe my thought today is to be there for a friend. You don't have to give them a ride on your rear end...but you can just be there for them.

Happy Thursday!


Julie Baldwin said...

I know a little girl who has a monkey that has fun adventures every day just like the bear in your picture.

nASHTONville said...

Great thought for the day. You have the cutest drawings...I'm still looking for the perfect photo of my son to send you. Thanks for being part of the blogging world!

Heather said...

LOVE the pic! You are so creative!

Ans awesome about the five miles! You rock!!